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MTNA Winners Recital

Welcome to the Alabama Music Teachers Association!

As your AMTA President for 2016-2018, I am honored and dedicated to lead our wonderful state organization. Our state holds a high number of compassionate teachers who continually strive to uphold their profession, which was very evident at our 64th Annual conference this past summer!

As members of AMTA, we are a part of Music Teachers National Association. MTNA provides many opportunities not only to our students, but also teachers. The MTNA website is a wonderful resource for any music teacher.

Being a member of AMTA has many benefits. Teachers have opportunities on many levels to continue their education. On the local and state level, many judges’ workshops are offered throughout the year. At our annual state conference, held each year in June, teachers have many workshops, showcases, recitals, and masterclasses available to attend. The annual conference produces sessions at the highest caliber by bringing in well-known, wonderful clinicians and guest artists, as well as having our own talented members presenting sessions and recitals.

On the national level, MTNA has an annual conference every year in the spring. This is a perfect professional development opportunity. The national conference is packed with three and half days of sessions, showcases, recitals, and masterclasses. This conference provides a perfect chance for networking. MTNA also offers a program where teachers can become Nationally Certified, which is recognized for its high standards across the states. 

AMTA has many performance opportunities for students on all levels. There are many local festivals across all nine Alabama districts, as well as the state level auditions. Students also have the chance to compete in the MTNA auditions held annually in Auburn in the fall.

Over the past several years our Collegiate chapters have grown and become very active. At our annual conference, many college students attended sessions, performed in masterclasses and recitals, participated in poster presentations, presented sessions, and volunteered their time. Many recent college graduates also attended the conference. This momentum of the next generation is wonderful to see. Please encourage college students to continue the growth!

Join us in continuing to keep our wonderful organization strong. Help us continue to share our love of music with everyone and create life learners.

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”    ~Plato

Sarah Tanner,  AMTA President