Alabama Music Teachers Association
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Local Associations

Auburn Opelika MTA

Christine Adolf

Baldwin County MTA

Daniel K. DeKonty, Jr.

Birmingham Metro Music Forum

Brent Reeves

Huntsville MTA

Deborah Loach

Mobile MTA

Laura Deal

Montgomery MTF

Brandon Littleton

Northeast Alabama MTA

Wendy Freeland, NCTM

Shoals Area MTF

Noel Beck

West Alabama MTA

Manley Blackwell
205-392-3509; 205-657-0993

Wiregrass MTF

Janet Blair
334-693-3115, 334-796-7467

How to Become a Local Association of AMTA

Affiliation Requirements

Any regularly-organized local music teachers association may become affiliated with Alabama Music Teachers Association by receiving the approval of the Executive Board and by guaranteeing that 100% of its active and associate members become active members of AMTA (and therefore of the Music Teachers National Association) during the first year of affiliation. In order to retain its affiliation, an association must this percentage during subsequent years. The President of the state-affiliated local association must be a member in good standing of AMTA.

Any local association affiliating with Alabama Music Teachers Association may do so as an independent organization, and AMTA shall not, in any way, manner, or form have control in the affairs, business, or activities of the affiliated association. AMTA may act in an advisory capacity, but that only at specific request of the affiliated Association.

Each local association shall use the phrase "Affiliated with Alabama Music Teachers Association" in its official title.

How to Apply

Upon a group's decision to fulfill the requirements of affiliation with Alabama Music Teachers Association (see Bylaws, Article VII), the group’s President shall petition the AMTA President, in writing, for affiliation. Approval will be voted upon at the next Executive Board Meeting and the organization immediately notified of the decision of the Board. The President of a local affiliated organization is a member of the Executive Board.

Local Association Grants

AMTA offers financial grants for professional growth of the members of its affiliated associations. Visit our Local Association Grants page for more information and application instructions.